Why You Should Hire a Professional Book-Cover Designer


1. Because your cover is your best marketing tool

The truth is that a visitor clicks or picks up a book that piques his interest, but no one will do this for a cover that is basically unattractive.

First impressions are extremely important and the competition is fierce both online and offline. Having a professionally-designed book cover gives visitors confidence in you as the author. Your cover should smile and shake hands with them.

So don’t leave the results to chance when you can take advantage of it in the first place.

2. Because a beautiful cover makes you unique

There are millions of covers in the world — how are you going to make yours stand out from the rest? A talented book-cover designer is able to package your book so that it is unique among other books in your field, while at the same time being attractive and effective.

It’s not enough to make it to the shelves — you need to get it into the hands of your viewers and, later on, into their hearts. Your cover should make your viewers remember you, because they’re more likely to choose to contact you again in the future for your products or services.

3. Because a great book cover makes you an expert

A professional book-cover designer knows exactly how to package your book to visually convey the expertise you have in your field. I can make your visitors know and feel you are worth doing business with.

Also, a professionally packaged book will enable your business to compete with larger companies. If you are a small author or business, I will be able to make you look like a best-seller if you aren’t yet, therefore, giving you as much credibility as the well-known experts in your field.

4. Because it is more than wise to do so

Let’s say you designed a cover yourself but fell short of what you expect the outcome to be. Then you decided to hire an inexpensive graphic designer you found in job-bidding sites; however, he didn’t have the expertise of someone who has been in the field long enough to know everything about book cover designs. You used the new design anyway, but ended up with very few sales. The thought of hiring an expert comes to mind, but you’ve lost a lot already.

Why not hire an expert from the very beginning? It’s both wise and rewarding.

5. Because they help you clearly realize your vision

Professional book cover designers are creative enough to get you the most from your book cover. I creatively take your vision and produce strong visual ideas that will strengthen your subject and communicate it clearly to your target audience.

Hiring a book-cover designer is more likely to mean that you’ll end up with something great that you wouldn’t even have thought of on your own. This means more attention and more sales to potential customers.

Also, a professional book cover designer can be a trusted partner and adviser, building long-term relationships that can benefit you in the future.

6. You take more pride in your book

If you’re 101 percent sure your cover is professionally designed, you won’t hesitate to show it, hand it out and display it where everyone can see it. And you will be more proud to see your name in a beautiful cover than in a lousy one.

7. Because it’s time consuming and unless you’re a professional book cover designer, you still won’t get what you intended to achieve

Why spend your precious time designing, when in the end you’ll still likely fall short of what you expected your cover to be? Designing involves serious processes that should not be missed: creative research and study, strategic thinking, drafting, experimentations, proposals and so on.

When you hire a professional book-cover designer, you may spend money, but you’ll save precious time doing other more productive things.

8. Because your cover communicates your message

Through the use of graphics, colors, fonts, etc., experienced book-cover designers like me know how to communicate your message in a clear, compelling representation.

9. Because a professional book cover designer knows book covers better than the backs of her hands

A graphic designer may be good at producing graphics for your website, but only a professional book-cover designer can pack your content beautifully in an engaging artwork – your book cover. Book-cover designing is an art unto itself and, unless a designer masters this, she will always fall short of making a cover that sells a book.

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Why Your Book Cover Is Your Best Marketing Tool

shopping-cart-with-booksBecause books are judged by their covers

Whether you like it or not, books are judged by their covers. In a stack of books, you wouldn’t pick one that is plain and uninteresting, would you?

Because first impressions are more likely to last, and you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression

You only have 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. If you fail, they’re gone forever. That’s how important is first impression.

Don’t settle for less. Get a cover that will always be remembered for its striking appearance.

Because it reflects your content

If your cover is unattractive, it’s more likely that your visitors will think your story is equally bad. If your cover fails to reflect your story and the feel of it, it’s more likely that customers won’t pick it up. Would you pay for something unattractive and uninteresting?

Because it’s the first thing they see, not your beautiful content

Unless you succeed in catching a visitor’s eye, your blurb will not be read. Unless they know already that you’ve got a beautiful story (like a winning combination for a lottery written on a crumpled, dirty paper), there’s no chance they will pick it up.

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Your Book Cover Is Not Just Packaging



Which one would you pick up: a beautifully designed book or the same book but without a design?

Your book cover is more than just packaging. It’s the face of your book and the best marketing tool you have. This is good news actually because you can definitely influence your end results.

Your cover is responsible for attracting viewers and evoking them to make a buying decision. If you want it to jump out from the thousands of books published monthly, you should have stellar packaging.

Unless you’re able to get more and more eyeballs staring at your cover, it’s more likely that your book won’t get picked up.


Why settle for less? Get your best look now.

Get Noticed With an Eye-catching Book Cover



What gets your book cover noticed?

It’s contrast.

If your cover is too plain and common, there’s no chance it will stand out in a bookstore. You will only get noticed if you have an eye-catching cover that contrasts with all other covers in the stack.

Graphics, colors, fonts, etc.: all of these could either make  or break  your marketing success. The correlation between these elements should create an irresistibly beautiful book cover art that precisely conveys your books content and the emotions within.

Seek professional guidance to achieve this, as only a professional book cover-designer knows how to make book covers work. The creative minds behind book cover designs know book covers better than they knew the backs of their hands.

Don’t waste your great chance to generate sales and end up successful — hire a professional book-cover designer now.