Why Your Book Cover Is Your Best Marketing Tool

shopping-cart-with-booksBecause books are judged by their covers

Whether you like it or not, books are judged by their covers. In a stack of books, you wouldn’t pick one that is plain and uninteresting, would you?

Because first impressions are more likely to last, and you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression

You only have 10 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. If you fail, they’re gone forever. That’s how important is first impression.

Don’t settle for less. Get a cover that will always be remembered for its striking appearance.

Because it reflects your content

If your cover is unattractive, it’s more likely that your visitors will think your story is equally bad. If your cover fails to reflect your story and the feel of it, it’s more likely that customers won’t pick it up. Would you pay for something unattractive and uninteresting?

Because it’s the first thing they see, not your beautiful content

Unless you succeed in catching a visitor’s eye, your blurb will not be read. Unless they know already that you’ve got a beautiful story (like a winning combination for a lottery written on a crumpled, dirty paper), there’s no chance they will pick it up.

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