Why You Should Hire Me

You only have 5 seconds to grab a viewer’s attention. If you fail, they’re gone – on to the next book.

You lose a buyer. That’s how important it is to have a beautiful cover.

You get a design that sells.

Not all beautifully designed covers sell books, but all books with high sales have irresistible designs. Does your book cover have such quality? If not, then let me offer you my quality services. Inquire now and get a response within 24 hours or so (excluding Saturdays).

I work until you’re satisfied.

As a professional book-cover designer, nothing makes me happier than knowing you are proud of your new book cover design. If for any reason you are not happy with your book cover, just let me know and I will be happy to revise it until you’re completely satisfied.

I go beyond just good-looking covers. I think through a brief.

More than making your book cover visually attractive, I make sure it speaks out your book’s content and invites curiosity. Check out some of my work here.

I make you stand out so you sell more.

If you want your book to be taken seriously, package it like you’re serious about it. I know you spent countless hours writing your book. Let me give it justice by giving you an equally beautiful cover. Yes, one that truly reflects your content.


Do you need something professionally designed? Inquire now!


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